Témoignage – Nichol Lucifer

What is Maison L’Éclaircie for me ?

My mental difficulty had started at the age of 13 and was hospitalized for the first time at the age of 16. Today I am 26. For the past 10 years I’ve spent more time in the hospital than I did home. October 22, 2014? The day a shooting at Parliament Hill occurred. It was a horrible day. 2 men lost their lives and family home were destroyed. Less than a week later I was arrested and charged for uttering death threats, due to a psychosis I was enduring, I kept on reliving the event has if I was there at the time of the shooting. For 5 nights I dreamt multiple scenarios over and over. I either was the victims getting shot at or the suspect causing all this damage. At first, I was in shock and afraid of being in jail. It terrified me to thing that at the age of 19 I was accepted into Police tech with the goal of becoming a police officer and just a couple of years later sharing a prison cell with  7 other people, of which I could have sent to prison If I had finished my education. I don’t truly believe I am a bad or dangerous person but that I needed help and always will. When I am in public or with family most of the time I am afraid and don’t’ feel well. I am constantly paranoid and every day I must divide what is real and what is not and when I say I must divide what is real I am not talking about what I am living, because to me its is real. I am afraid and feel in danger? I go somewhere sage, somewhere I can get help and not feel judge or rejected. I guess I can now answer what is Maion L’Éclaircie for me?, it is Home! (maison) and not just to me but 9 others.

The oxford dictionary defines ’HOME’ as:

  1. « The place where one lives permanently »
  2. « A place where something flourishes »

It is unfortunate however that Maison L’Éclaircie is a short to medium duration residence whit a maximum stay period of 2 years and is the reason why places like there are a necessity to people like me. So that when my time is up here, I may find another place to call home and continue to advance in the progress I’ve made so that I too may flourish as my life continues on.

Merci à l’équipe de la Maison L’Éclaircie pour tout votre travail et tous vos efforts pour garder notre communauté en bonne santé et merci de m’aider à continuer le progrès que j’ai fait et grâce auquel je n’ai pas été hospitalisé depuis plus que un ans.

Nichol Lucifer

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